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Online Therapy

At some point in their lives, everyone will find themselves in a situation where they need to talk to someone about their issues.

There are huge benefits to discussing one’s worries rather than keeping them hidden. Having a competent therapist who can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, as well as provide direction if necessary, is really beneficial. We all need someone to listen to us carefully without making a judgement.

Online Mediation

The benefits of therapy have long been documented. Therapy can help you address issues that are bothering you, gain a better understanding of yourself, and achieve your goals. Many people also find it helpful to speak with an objective third party who is knowledgeable and experienced in the issues they are facing. This can assist you in staying on pace with your growth. Recently, studies have been published that demonstrate the value of digital counselling. It has been shown to be just as effective as conventional office-based therapy, which is what most people choose.

However, not many in their community has access to a professional therapist who is licenced. Some people live in places where mental health professionals are scarce. Others can access professional therapists via their public health services. However, many of these facilities have long waiting lists and can only provide immediate assistance to the most severely mentally ill persons.

In addition to the lack of public mental health treatments and long waiting lists, there is the challenge of getting to a mental health therapist’s office. Many office-based therapists have limited late evening time hours, making treatment challenging for those who work during normal business hours. People with physical limitations or mobility issues may find it challenging to get to a mental health therapist’s office. As a result, online therapy with a licenced mental health professional is an excellent choice. There are several advantages to using online therapy.

Furthermore, many people are interested in online therapy. People can text/call from their phone or laptop, allowing them to open up much more quickly than if they were vocally discussing profoundly personal difficulties in person. Online therapy allows many people to open up considerably more quickly. A person’s sense of shame in discussing something that they would normally deem awkward or abnormal is minimised because they are not sitting across from someone who is watching them.

Because of the ever-changing world around us, technology has become increasingly important in how we live our lives. With the rapid growth of digital healthcare in recent years, it’s now very usual to have routine GP exams via Zoom, book medical appointments and pick up medications using an online app, and obtain mental healthcare distantly.


The Convenience of Online Counselling.

Our online counselling service, is not simply a cost-effective alternative to the conventional face-to-face talking treatments. It’s a highly successful treatment for mental health issues that comes with a slew of benefits. It’s also adaptable in that you don’t have to be at your ‘worst’ to benefit from online counselling with us. We can help you if you just want to talk about issues that are disturbing or worrying you, or if you want to learn new coping methods to deal with the things that are going on in your life. Even if you don’t have a recognised mental health disorder, what you’re going through is still important to you. Whatever happens, we’ll be there for you.

You may receive skilled mental health treatment without having to visit  clinic location thanks to video therapy. All you need is a device, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. (If you prefer/need to, you can also make appointments over the phone.)

One of the key advantages of virtual therapy is its convenience. If your mental health condition, mobility, or other challenges make it difficult for you to leave home on a regular basis, being able to get therapeutic treatment in your own home might be beneficial. Accessibility for People with Disabilities- People who have trouble leaving their homes or navigating the outside world are the ones who seek therapy the most. Immobile people and those with debilitating chronic diseases can benefit from online treatment.

You might simply be short on time — we understand that squeezing therapy into your already packed calendar can stretch your responsibilities and add stress to your week.

It’s possible that you don’t live near a physical location where you can receive treatment or counselling. If you’ve been looking for ‘therapy near me,’ but your geography has limited your possibilities, online therapy is the ideal alternative for you because you won’t have to leave your home.

Direct therapy online may also be able to accommodate your schedule, as we offer evening and weekend appointments. This means you won’t have to compromise on work, childcare, or other weekday obligations.

In and of itself, the cosiness of one’s own house is restorative.

While our online therapists guarantee to be kind, sympathetic, and knowledgeable, it’s natural to be concerned with your first therapy session. As a result, there’s no place quite like home. Online therapy enables you to be in the environment where you are most comfortable with yourself and the subject matter of your sessions. As a result, you may feel more at ease speaking openly with your therapist.

Working through mental health issues is, of course, difficult. You will most likely be confronted with sentiments and concerns that may cause discomfort; don’t worry, this is a normal part of the process. Whether you’re at home or in a therapist’s office, all of your feelings are valid. Being able to do it in your natural surroundings, on the other hand, might add an immensely calming factor.

Sitting in your living room with your favourite hot beverage in comfortable clothes, possibly with a throw or a pet by your side, can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, online therapy allows you to relieve some of the stress that comes with starting mental health treatment without having to deal with transportation or facing the outside world before you’re ready.

You’ll have a lot more privacy with online treatment.

Another significant advantage of online counselling is privacy. You’ll naturally feel quite protective about your thoughts, feelings, and present mental health. You won’t have to deal with anyone in a reception area or outside of the mental health facility if you don’t have to go there.

As a result, online counselling eliminates the possibility of seeing people that you know with whom you don’t want to have an unpleasant conversation, or just being in a room with strangers when you’re going through a difficult time. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home, able to relax and unwind in an environment that is free of distractions.

Within Direct Therapy, we also safeguard all of your personal information, especially your personal information and sensitive material about your health and online therapy sessions. We make sure that everything you put into the system complies with data protection policies, and that the site is secure.

The Advantages of Online Therapy

There are various advantages to using online therapy for your mental health. This is supported by evidence from a number of research. Learn more about the important results surrounding the effectiveness of online treatment.

According to a 2018 study,

Online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is just as effective as in-person CBT.

According to findings from a 2016 study:

The benefits of online therapy are the same as those of face-to-face therapy.

Patients who receive virtual therapy are often pleased with their results. Many consumers claim that online therapy is simple to use and that it eliminates the need for them to go to appointments.

Online therapy mental health assessments are just as reliable as face-to-face therapy assessments.

The relationship you have with your therapist will have a significant influence on the success of your online therapy.

Our online therapists are all highly qualified, experienced, and understand exactly what you’re going through. They’ve worked with a lot of people in similar situations to you over the years, helping them take control over their daily struggles and live a much more rewarding life. Furthermore, all of our therapists go through extensive screening and onboarding procedures at Direct Therapy, ensuring that you are getting the finest possible care from the correct individuals.